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When a hypochondriac Web-MD's all of their symptoms and even adds/exagerates the slim to none symptoms they think they have, thus resulting in some fantastic and exotic condition that isnt really there.
I banned my daughter from the internet because all day long she is Web-MDing, I think we need to send her back to her psychologist.
by Britt K May 22, 2008
The white, warm liquidy substance that is projected out of a female cow's udders when tenatively massaged (much like ejaculate). Many think cow lactation is healthy when drank for life, but really causes obesety and foul smelling odors. This is the most horrific way to describe milk.

What's even worse than the image cow lactation brings to one's mind is the image of thousands of different cow's lactation mixing and rubbing together in a "milk supply" truck.. FUCKING SICK.
Heather: Do we have any cow lactation to put into Gabi's cereal?

Brittany: *Vomits wildly all over Heather's freshly Pine Sol'd floor*
by Britt k May 01, 2008

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