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A now-defunct British car manufacturer.

In it's prime it was known for making fibreglass-bodied sports cars, with slightly upsetting build quality but very interesting dynamics - they would go around a corner sideways just as fast as a German rival would with grip at all four of it's wheels.

They were - and are - stupid fast in a straight line, and are known for shitting all over more expensive rivals, leaving their rich owners wondering what just hit them. They do not feature any driving aids, everything is down to the inevitably hairy-chested driver to keep the TVR in question on the road.

In the 90's until their demise, they started to turn out some interesting designs with their own unique little quirks. Initially, these designs seemed to be elegant, maybe even retro - look at the Griffith and the Chimaera. Then they released the Tuscan, and nobody really knew what the fuck was happening anymore. TVR went out with a bang, with the Sagaris - the internal door releases were by the stereo head unit, and the body had a weird combination of design features, which were all disgusting yet strangley and upsettingly erotic.

TVR was eventually destroyed when they were bought out by some amateur Russian communist businessman, called Nicholas Smallwinky, or something.
"What the fuck was that?"
- a BMW M5 driver, confused at the TVR Sagaris that has just passed him and started drifting on a straight road.
by British Leyland April 29, 2010

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