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The only place where everybody is a fighting machine, and has everything packed into a small area....

It has the glorius wales with huge hills and green grass, with cliffs bigger than average sized houses, and where most raw materials come from and probably the proudest country in the world.

Ireland with its loveable culture and large heritage,providing a lot of manpower..(it is the 3rd largest island in europe!)

The brute toughness of Scotland, where there are huge mountains and most of the british army, with one of the best rugby teams today.

And finally the English the Patriotic ones. Creating football and rugby and home to many musicians and other talented people and where there are people shouting at the telly about the football.

well you've probably guessed im british... i am aswell. i come from wales. so stop arguing about what country is crap and which is good, lets all be one nation together, BRITAIN!
britain = wales, scotland, england and ireland
by British Guy November 20, 2007

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