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Unlike the traditional use of the word loose, loose behaviour is a versatile word that can be used to describe someone that is a shady character, also it is a good or bad response from a person depending on the circumstances and actions involved.
1 - throwing the phone off the third story balcony at a hotel was loose behavior.

2 - You were so wasted last night your behavior was loose.

3 - Drinking underage in a manner that gets you and your friends arested.
by Briscoe May 25, 2005
somebody that prevents loose behavior.
a friend that saved your ass from hooking up with that fat chick.
by Briscoe May 25, 2005
verb - to conceal one's feet in a paper bag while giving oral sex in a public place, thus creating the illusion that only one person is present. Common in rest stops and fitting rooms.

noun - one who engages in the above behavior

Origin: central Virginia
"She has been in the rest room for a while! Either she's taking a growler, or she's paperbagging the restroom attendant."
by Briscoe October 23, 2003

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