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A uniquely Australian euphemism for a male homosexual likely originating in early 1990's from the emerging gay pride movement in Brisbane.
The bushranger savagely donkey punched his life partner to the point the poor fellow's assless chaps nearly flew off making him broke down.
by Brisbane Pete March 13, 2011
How a weak pathetic powerless individual often acts in order to put on a front of being tough. Typically this involves the liberal usage of skull imagery.
Unable to silence the ring of tormentors, the broke down fellow got badassy by dressing in black and getting a skull tattoo and then insulting his tormentors over the internet.
by Brisbane Pete April 08, 2011
The act of openly expressing random thoughts unfettered by the confines of continuity. The term bottsring originated in the online performance diesel community as an attempt to give a positive slant to thread derailing.
The forum moderator, a bushranger by night, was so fed up with their bottsring that he broke down and got badassy with them.
by Brisbane Pete June 16, 2011
An adjective in popular use within the Australian gay community to describe an openly gay male who is sexually promiscuous and yet has never been on the receiving end of anal sex.
Feeling randy after an evening of bottsring, the bushranger put on his tapout t-shirt and assless chaps and proceeded to perform a sandusky on the unbroken lad who lived next door.
by Brisbane Pete March 08, 2012
A deviant sexual act in which a dominant male pins his partner roughly against a shower wall and performs anal sex on him with vigor while tickling his belly and roaring like a mountain lion.
Feeling badassy after a rough day at work, the bushranger surprised his life partner in the shower at the Y by giving him a sandusky for the ages.
by Brisbane Pete November 15, 2011

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