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Perculiar, weird, funny, but usually in an atleast semi- affectionate way.
"Look, it's Mike the headless chicken!"
"Aww, such a ponky little fella."
by Brinny December 05, 2007
A nick name meaning Brittany.Ushually a hott or sexy person.
Well liked and very kind.
Person 1:Hey do you know brinny
Person 2:Everyone knows Brinny
by Brinny November 13, 2007
Derivitive in most instances from the word Smegma (See: Knob Cheese), with four meanings:

1) Spoken in the show Red Dwarf (may have been used earlier than this.) and adopted into every-day culture; Similar meaning to damn or fuck.

2) Presumably an abbreviation of Smegma again; Referring to something digusting. Often an -unidentified- disgusting substance.

3)An insult. Smegma isn't the most complementary thing to call someone, so we can assume it comes from this word.

4) A company that makes various kitchen appliances such as cookers or fridges, which serve about as much purpose as the Smegma the word tend to derive from.
1) "Causality? Well, OK, you know, one event causes another, OK, but sometimes, you just gotta say, the laws of time and space? Who gives a smeg!" -Kryten, Red Dwarf.

2) "Urgh! I just put my hand in a huge pile of smeg!"


4) "Whiiiirrrrtickticktickneeaaawwwm ... boom!"
by Brinny December 05, 2007
Two people who are very rarely apart,who
do everything together,who when someone
asks "Do you have a sister/brother"
you say yes and name that person.If you were
in the position to save the other person
even if it means dieing to do it you would.
Brinny and Mable Best Friends Forever
by Brinny November 13, 2007

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