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Derived from the language of an ancient and long-forgotten culture, meaning to be of royalty among the gods. An Ingersoll is a warrior of warriors, the badest of badasses...To be an Ingersoll is to be perfect in every way. Those who are born into the name "Ingersoll" rival the manliness and awsomeness of chuck norris himself. In fact, it is believed that Chuck Norris was actually once a member of the legendary Ingersoll clan, but when he was denied leadership he detached and was lost in the world....only to resurface centuries later as the current Chuck Norris...Those bearing the name "Ingersoll" are so manly, they have to shave their eyeballs. Infact, after An Ingersoll shaves, he is actually hairier than he was before he shaved. Ingersolls are known far and wide for their infamously large penises and un-godly sexual stamina. Ingersolls are masters at all aspects of the art know as sex. God
ye, and on the third day, god surveyed his creations and proclaimed, "behold, for the almighty powers have created paradise, let there be light upon this land!" and thus, the sun was born. After this phenomenon had occured, God turned and thanked Ingersoll for his power.
by Bringer_of_pain February 02, 2009

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