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A male homosexuals boyfriend, implying that they partake in bum fun or gay intercourse
'Oh Jake, your king of my Ring'
by Brimmy January 19, 2009
A very rare extreme sexual practice. While usually performed by hetrosexuals, it can also be modified slightly for same sex-partners.
The act itself involves both sexual partners coming and then one or both snorting the ejaculated fluids. Essentially squirting then snorting. In a heterosexual couple, the male would ejaculate in the area around the vagina for ease of snorting.
"So, I know you let me do felching and marshing with you, but i want to take our relationship to the next level. Can we try squorting tonight.
by Brimmy July 15, 2010
The act of buying, selling or trading girls of an equal value to your expense.
Person 1: Hey, Want to do some gasheous exchange?
Person 2: Okay then, I only have £10 and a dirty girl at the moment though.
Person 1: Thats fine, add them together and we can find you something decent.
by Brimmy April 25, 2009

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