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When you are so horny when you get off work that you don't even have time to get a Kleenex; all you have time to do is throw off a shoe, take off a sock & release a gooey delight after a hard day workin' for the man. Can cum in any color or size as long as you had at least 8 hours of work in them.

Also can be referred to as a really ugly girl that is used for sex. She would be a cum sock. Throw it in the washer/out-of-your-apartment when you're done & never talk to it/her until next week when you are horny again.
Brian: "Fuck Mark, I'm so horny I just blew a load in my work sock".
Mark: "Nice, sounds like a long day at the office".

Jeff: "Dude that girl was so ugly, how horny were you to have to bang her"?
Jared: "I was so horny, it was either her or a cum sock!!"

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