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1. (n) An extremely good pianist whose talents are never fully recognized.

2. (v) To shock, surprise, or simply scare a stranger by uncontrollable laughter.

3. (n) The previously mentioned laughter, which is best described as uncontrollable, loud, and spreading over multiple octaves on a music scale.
That nearp just nearped those guys with his nasty nearp!
by Briman007 April 10, 2008
The greatest variant of basketball ever played. Played in the dark with little lighting with a black basketball (because any other color basketball is easier to see), to increase the risk of injury. Any basketball game can be used, but the best game to be played in these conditions is "21" or "tip-in", because it's widely considered to be the most violent of all basketball games.
Dan: Man, I feel like playing basketball and risking my life at the same time.
Brian: Perfect! Let's play black basketball!
by briman007 May 06, 2010
1. Something which is useful for removing particles from body parts, such as removing sand from ones vagina
Helen: Jackie, my arm's getting tired!
Jackie: Awww, does someone need a shovel?
by Briman007 April 10, 2008

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