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(noun) the act of removing a person from the "friend-zone" in recognition of his/her possible relationship value. This is the transfer of "just friends"-people who are excluded from emotional and sexual interest, despite personality and physical attractiveness- into the status of "possibilities", or potential partners. Happens very often in movies and cliche stories, but very sparsely in life. (inf) to bridge the Friendzone Gap.
Ramie: Do you think she's pretty?

Rupert: Sure, she's quite pretty- and she's one of the most chill people I know.

Ramie: But you don't like her?

Rupert: No, it's purely platonic- I think not of her that way.

Ramie: Are you sure you shouldn't be Bridging the Friendzone Gap?

Rupert: No.
by Brim-Dog-Millionaire March 04, 2012

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