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Since trailer parks are the rural and suburban counterpart of the urban housing projects, a trailer pimp is a Caucasian player. A whitey version of the well known African American pimp. Not typically an actual pimp responsible for a stable of bitches, but rather a poor white guy who manages to successfully date (and regularly bang) several of his neighbor's wives and daughters for a sustained period before it all goes to shit and he has to pack up the Trans Am and bail.
Robbie says he got his milf neighbor and her daughter to each do a line of blow off of his cock, either he's bullshittin' or he's a certified trailer pimp.
by Brilliantjackass April 09, 2011
A mix of Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Ketchup blended by color to the shade of Thousand Island Dressing. Usually eaten with potato chips, baked beans, french fries, hot dogs, or hamburgers.

Made by every white male who has ever been on public assistance, lived in a trailer, enjoyed NASCAR, smoked weed, banged a cousin, worn a mullet, drank Budweiser, or can identify in any other way with Joe Dirt. That's damn near all of us.
"Hey man, mix up some trailer park sauce and get the chips, Sprint Cup is on."
by Brilliantjackass April 09, 2011
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