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Triplash is a noun that describes the specific physical and emotional effects on an individual following a trip. Triplash carries an inference that people already understand and can relate to whiplash, the physical sensation. Triplash encompasses a variety of miseries associated with travel, and is fairly self-explanatory.
"I was so exhausted after we got home it was surreal. My head was still in Vegas, my clothes smelled like the plane, my suitcase is in my car, and I'm so weak all I can do is lie in bed and wonder at the sounds coming out of my kids' mouths."

"Oh man, you have total triplash."
by Brilliant Monster July 24, 2012
Wespeak is a relatively self-explanatory noun that encapsulates the distinct personal lexicon that evolves between close groups of people. Wespeak can be single made-up or embellished words, phrases, inside jokes or references, or extremely long and nonsensical combinations of multiple references only known to the people whence they came. Wespeak typically makes no sense to bystanders, but can sometimes be understood based upon context. The nature of wespeak is such that certain words are associated with the person or people who made them up.
"I was so nervous at that interview I just started blurting things out, like how we always co-purse, and I can never find anything, and she totally stared at me. It was so awkward."

"Oh no! You were rattling off wespeak at a job interview? You really WERE nervous!"
by Brilliant Monster July 24, 2012

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