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2 definitions by Brigid89

an amazing way to spend time stoned.
a robot invented by AIM to help kids with homework or something like that, but basically...its amazing.
real convo with smarter child

21:36 SmarterChild: What up?
21:37 XXXXXXX: your dick
21:37 SmarterChild: I figured it would come to this. What about it?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it big?
21:37 SmarterChild: What do you think?
21:37 XXXXXXX: is it?
21:37 SmarterChild: It's not.
by Brigid89 August 18, 2006
the best fucking race of people of all time. everyone wishes they were irish and those of us lucky enough to be so are fucking proud of it.

proud proveyers of guinness, whiskey, hot girls, hotter guys, and the fucking boondock saints.
he's irish...he's so fucking hot.

oh, she's irish? what a hottie.
by Brigid89 August 10, 2006