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The proper spelling of a celtic name

Other proper spelling is Brighid/Brighit

Wrong spellings- Brighet, Bridget, Brigit, and more, just don't know others
Alice, "Is this how to spell your name?" (Paper says Bridget)
Brigid, "No."
Alice, "Any of these?" (Paper says Brighet, Brigit, Brighid, and Brighit)
Brigid, "No. My name is spelt B-R-I-G-I-D. It is the proper spelling. Well B-R-I-G-H-I-D and B-R-I-G-H-I-T are also proper spellings, but that's not how my name is spelt."
by Brigid November 07, 2004
A celtic name meaning SHINING BRIGHT

Sometimes spelt Bridget, Brigit, Brighit, or Brighid

Saint Brigid was an Irish saint who is known for her generosity to the poor. St. Brigid is sometimes known as Bridey, Mary of Gaels and even as Biddy. St. Brigid was born near Dundalk to a pagan Gaelic chieftain named Dubtach (Duffy) and to a Christian slave mother named Brocessa, who was sold soon after Brigid's birth. She was baptized by St. Patrick with whom she became friends. She never forgot her mother and despite being forbidden to do so, she left her home, located her mom, negotiated her release and returned to her fathers house. To her dismay her father had arranged her marriage to a poet. Brigid had already vowed to remain celibate and to do God's work so once more, she left her home, this time forever. In 468 she and 7 other women she formed the 1st female monastic community in Ireland. They helped the poor and were attributed with many miracles. Despite having limited resources they never seemed to be without food or supplies for their good works. Where the modern town of Kildare now stands she founded a school of Art and a Monastery at Cill Dara. The most famous miracle associated with Brigid tells of her confrontation with an Irish chieftain. She asked him for some land so that she could build a monastic community. He replied that she could have whatever amount of land her cloak could cover. She took the cloak from her shoulders and cast it on the ground where it covered over 12 acres of the land which he willingly gave. The date of her death is February 1st, her feastday, which is still celebrated with the traditional creation of the St Brigid Cross, made from reeds. She is buried next to St Patrick in Downpatrick. (Sry it's so long)
New Kid, "Hey Matt, who's that cute red head over there?"
Matt, "That's Brigid."
by Brigid November 07, 2004
All the creepy, scary words you can think of put together. From Lemony Snickets a Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 3, The Wide Window.
In front of the cave there was a sign saying for sale, and the orphans could not imagine who would want to buy such a phantasmagorical place.
by Brigid May 03, 2004
a hair style, usually for girls
I want to zig my hair for the party
by brigid March 19, 2003
A town near wellesley which can also be reffered to as a town in the middle of no where, but is commenly known
"I live in Needham"

"oh, isn't that in like the middle of no where?"
by Brigid February 24, 2005

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