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A suburban town right outside of the City of Rochester. They have a top-ranking highschool. They care more about academics than sports. Thats why you never see them in the newspaper for winning any sectional title. The people their are mainly upper middle class. They have a large Jewish population. Their Highschool has an urban-suburban program for scary ghetto black and hispanic kids to come and roughen up a mainly white and asian school. It is the inner city kids from that program who smoke weed, start fights, and commit crimes. They are the ones responsible for giving brighton any kind of bad rep.
Brighton is generally a safe town.
OH MY GOD ELLIE! Did you see Roshawndaluh and Jamel stealing cigarettes from CVS!?

Dude! I just got this new beamer! Come with me to go to the library and study for the midterms!

Nicole Goldberg went to go see a football game for brighton high school againstRush Henrietta. She fought about the price of the game, which was a whopping 5$. She then watched the Barons lose. So she got in her brand-new SUV and drove home to study for an upcoming test, next year.
by Brighton Baron February 22, 2011
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