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Keyon is a very handsome black male , who is perfect inside. Some people hate him, most people love him. He is a very funny and down to earth guy, Although he is shy around certain girls, once he gets to know you. he will take you on the funnest trip of your life ever. He may piss you off sometimes and he may say some stuff that comes out wrong but in the end, you know hes truly sorry and really hopes you forgive him. He has anger issues, so don't piss him off or he will constantly yell,swear or even hit. But he is a very down to earth guy. He is also funny but can be annoying at times.
Boy 1: Did You see Keyon walk by us?

Boy 2: Yeah. I just did, I just love him

Girl 1: I hate Keyon sometimes.

Girl 2: How could you hate him. Hes amazing!
by BrightKnight July 10, 2011

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