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The poo that escapes from a baby's nappy and gets smeared all over everything, like the baby, the baby's clothes, the car seat, the high chair, the floor, the walls, you, the dog, and so on.
Honey, can you come and help me clean up the escapoo? I think we'll have to burn these clothes and hose down the change table, me, the baby, the wall, the floor, etc.
by Brie Fromage August 05, 2007
Free-Range Non-Defined Linguistics.
"Trouser adverb usage, wheelwright blue noxious underperforming myopic buffalo spanner?" is an example of a 'frndl' sentence.
by Brie Fromage July 18, 2005
The interaction of two or more agents or forces in transgression of a religious or moral law (especially when deliberate), so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.
Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski had a great sinergy together.
by Brie Fromage July 18, 2005
A pastiche of plastic surgery.
Melanie Griffith is so plastiche!
by Brie Fromage June 27, 2006

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