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A slang term used to refer to the drink "Jack Daniels and Coke"

-The term references two character's from popular tv show Scrubs; J.D. and Dr. Cox
Gwyn: alrite mate, i think you owe me a few pound from earlier
will: ah you speak the truth. i'm off to the bar to get myself a drink now, want a john dorian and cox as collateral?
Gwyn: sounds fair

Samuel: alright! double john dorian and cox brother
Bartender:..a what?
by Brickytamland April 05, 2009
A euphemism used to describe pornography. Often to avoid somebody catching on.
Bernard: where jake bro?
Samuel: dunno, probably checking out some structured photos. hasn't left his room all day
Melissa: oh really, Jakes into photography? hes so deep!
Samuel:..uh, yeah..
by Brickytamland June 25, 2009

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