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Yngve is a name (male) and condition, with its roots buried deep in the ancient Sibirian tundra. It describes a person who denies any relation (familiar or social) with the nordic native tribe "Kven-folket". Yngve is a person who must live his life in shame and eternal denial. He is often recognized by his lack of ability to grow a beard, and he has no body hair what so ever.A typical Yngve-character has a tendensy of nocturnalism.Throughout history, people who were suffering from "Yngve", have often turned to the remote areas of the Norwegian kommune Troms for consolidation and peace. Therefore, occassionally, most people from the inner parts of Troms are struck by Yngve
How typical "Yngve" of you to deny that!
by Bricktops November 16, 2006

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