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(noun) - A Joke or comment that is said in order be humourous but is infact unfunny resulting in a lack of laughter or awkward silence.

Alternatively a person who continually makes Bricks can be deamed a Brick.

(verb) to Brick is to shout 'Brick!' at any person that should happen to make a Brick, however the word the word they shout may often not resemble 'Brick!' but more a deep groan like a seal, like so; 'BREEUURGH!'
An alternative verb associated with Brick is to 'Brick it' in which someone continually makes Bicks'
'Man that passage was such a Brick' said John
'BRIIICKK!' Bricked Dom

'You ever notice how everyone on this site is always Bricking it?' said John
'Yeah they're all such Bricks' replied Dom.
by Brick123 November 23, 2009

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