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Someone who is truly a fan of but is obsessed with Pink Floyd and is a real Floydian
I am a real Brick Floyd. I have every Pink Floyd album from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn to the Division Bell and every Pink Floyd solo album, all the shirts and love Roger Waters. How is that not possible for me to be a Brick Floyd?

-She likes Pink Floyd. She knows all there is to know about Pink Floyd

-She's a real Brick Floyd. She fuckin loves Pink Floyd.

-Yeah, I'm a fuckin Brick Floyd. I fuckin love Pink Floyd!!! Childhood's End is my song!!!
by Brick Floyd Navarro July 25, 2009
-another term for a boy's manhood
-the male genitals
Dude? Did you just get kicked in the fratellis by that girl after she rejected you?

Yeah! That hurts gettin kicked in the fratellis!
by Brick Floyd Navarro April 10, 2010

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