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1. stuffing crumbs down a male's urethra, then shooting them back out during ejaculation in order to arouse self or partner's appetite and sexual organs

2. stealing an intelligent person's idea and taking all the credit for it
1. Crumbing isn't a big turn on for me, but I know my brother likes it.

2. Sam is always crumbing me! Now everyone thinks he's more clever.
by Briannica November 19, 2004
1. a term used to express great excitement
My sexy boyfriend is coming to see me! Woopwoopwoop!
by Briannica November 06, 2004
fresh cum trickling down an object
Oh my, I've got run off on my back!
by Briannica November 06, 2004
one who's extreme cellulite forces you to throw up any contents you may be holding in your stomach
You're such a fucking chunkster! I wish you would stop wearing short shorts so I could have my appetite back.
by Briannica November 27, 2004
the greatest invention for readers
Readers would not be complete without their post-it notes.
by Briannica November 09, 2004
another name for a slut: fast, cheap, and easy
You slept with my boyfriend! You're a total casserole!
by Briannica November 09, 2004
another name for a chubby, a half erect penis
He usually wakes up holding his kentucky.
by Briannica November 09, 2004

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