18 definitions by Brianna

Fast Running Loser
U stupid fruser
Thats frusalicious baby
Frusin it up
by brianna November 23, 2003
when you have allergys and you get really conjested, and need medication to correct this unwelcome feeling.
Anthony and I went over to my uncles house and he is allergic to cats and had to take his medicine for conjestimatosis.
by Brianna May 10, 2004
Johnny has been my favorite actor ever since i was a little girl.I agree that he has most teenage girls that are just horny over him and he deserves so much more.Well im 16 and yes hes hott but hes my idol.I want to be just like him annnnd still have good looks when im 40.He has struck the world with his charm, looks, acting, and his wonderful since of fashion.The older he gets the more brilliant he gets.So fucking brilliant!Kepp rocking Johnny!
i dont know what the hell im doing lol!
by Brianna January 31, 2004
a weird sort of ninja move only used by jackie chan
instead of hi ya he used ka zach and did a ninja karate kick
by brianna July 15, 2004
a term not so endearing to place upon a disliked person who may be acting infavourably toward you.
man i want to kick his ass, that guy's being such a poo waffle
by brianna July 20, 2004
SG, BE, BP, LR, CB are THE sexi bitches!
by brianna March 25, 2003
Short for u mad dumb or stupid.
Get out of the house you stup.
by Brianna February 26, 2005

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