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Their full name is Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Dont Give A Fuck, an alternative hiphop collective from Los Angeles California since 2007

Their very popularized song "Radical" consist of the common phrase "kill people burn shit fuck school", and also has Tyler the Creator explain in the beginning of the song that their music is mostly fiction and comedic.

Their image consist of green "goblin" ski-mask, blacked-out eyes, the upside down cross, skateboarding, the excessive use of the word Swag, and sometimes sporting "tacky" gold chains

The group first gained mainstream light when Kanye West posted the video "Yonkers" on his twitter, giving Tyler the Creator attention from Mtv press, magazines, and blogs

The members consist of;

Tyler the Creator
Hodgy Beats
Left Brain
Syd the Kyd
Earl sweatshirt
Mike G
Frank Ocean
Domo Genesis
Matt Martains
Jasper Dolphin

The group is mostly known for their demonic and cynical lyrics, often rapping about rape, drugs, and worshipping the devil. But, all of the members are agnostic/atheist, excluding Frank Ocean who is Christian. They dont believe in god or the devil, they just like to mock religion, celebirties, social norms, and public figures (ex; Slim Shady by Eminem).

And sadly, a high percentage of their fanbase are flaming hipsters or bored teenagers, but at least they're good at rapping in general....
"There is no more room left to be in our group....except for R. Kelly"

- Tyler the Creator, ofwgkta
by Briana-asethics July 15, 2011

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