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The only base you can slide into where you KNOW you'll get your pants muddy.
Brian: How far'd ya get with her?

Mike: Fifth base!

Brian: Really?

Mike: Yeah, this mourning I totally had to wash the uniform.
by Brian_is_tasty July 01, 2006
Rough sex double team.
Brian: Last night got a little crazy didn't it?

Mike: Yeah it's crazy enough that we double teamed her but I could believe she wanted us to pull her hair and spit on her.

Brian: We were totally playin' lacrosse.
by Brian_is_tasty July 01, 2006

Usually involving more than one offender.
Brian: Hey Mike were you at that party last night?

Mike: No, what happened?

Brian: A stripper came over and these Lacrosse players were totally Dukein' her!
by Brian_is_tasty July 01, 2006
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