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1. Refers to any Chinese person who fails miserably in money laundering
2. A non-Westernised Chinese person who has identity issues
3. Someone who does something crazy at the very last minute to benefit himself
4. Describes a bad Taiwanese father
5. A person who is fanatically obsessed with all things Taiwan without reason
1. That Bernie Madoff really got away with a ponzi scheme for a decade. He's not a Chen Shui-Bian in scamming people.

2. I think Kevin is having a Chen Shui-Bian phase. One day he says he is a gay Taiwanese and by the end of the day he says he is a bisexual Chinese-American.

3. Dude that was awesome last Friday when Mike pulled a Chen Shui-Bian by he hiring that random guy to throw shit at him that time his stand-up act was going south.

4. Yeah, I heard that Derek's father is a Chen Shui-Bian. He never checked up on him at the hospital when he was having chemo and he didn't look after Derek when he was failing English.

5. I don't know why Mark keeps writing those anti-Chinese blogs and keeps trying to curse me off in Taiwanese while claiming its not a Chinese dialect. That kid is so Chen Shui-Bian
by BrianYeh March 11, 2009

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