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sewing a series of thread loops made around the main stitches of a mend between the button and the fabric.
After Cat finished sewing a button on to her shirt, she added some loopage to be sure the mend was strong.
by Brian Williams February 04, 2005
The act of slacking constantly. Being very lazy.
Adam: Dan did you do the english homework?
Dan: Hell no!
Adam: Slacktastic!
by Brian Williams March 04, 2004
breakdancing A set of poping or locking manuvers in which a person moves around a space without lifting up their feet. Usually mimics robotic movement. Popularized by Michael Jackson's "Moon Walk," however there are many contemporary variations.
Johhny's slides were ill; it looked like he was standing still and the room moved around him.
by Brian Williams February 05, 2005
A funk or hip-hop dance. Combination of both popping and locking.
Johhny impressed his friends with his newest poplocking at the Drum and Bass party.
by Brian Williams February 05, 2005
have sex with, to sex up (see example)
I taxed that ass
by Brian Williams August 04, 2002

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