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3 definitions by Brian Sweeney

Word used to settle the debate of the prununciation of wafting---Is it w-ahh-ft-ing or w-ae-ft-ing.
who know but this word settles it.
pornunciation: quh-ae-b-ing
"That fart is quabing over here you idiot take it outside"
by Brian Sweeney June 21, 2006
The hot sex that is the relationship of mundy and christina.
im bored. i was hangin with munstina but then they started to make out.
by Brian Sweeney March 29, 2005
definition: not caring about lent

backround: derivitive the word non shalant meaning not caring, blended with the word lent, the christian holiday lasting 40 days before easter.
Hey did you here about Brian? He goes to a catholic school and he's nonshalent.
by Brian Sweeney January 14, 2005