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Boobs you wouldn't really think are big from an "in the shirt" perspective, but when released from captivity they sneak up on you and are huge. Like a ninja
I didn't realize her boobs were that big until she took off her shirt, they were totally big and amazing. I love her ninja boobs.
#boobs #breasts #ninja #sneeky #stealth #naked
by Brian Street Team March 24, 2009
A girl that claims to be DTF, WTC or slutty via blogging, myspace or some other social networking avenue then when faced with an IRL opportunity to be slutty she is not.
MM: Did you hook up with that girl you met off myspace last night?

BST: No.

MM: Her Profile looked like she was totally DTF.

BST: Nope, she was a total non-slut
#slut #conservitive #liar #non #dtf #wtc #hooker #irl
by Brian Street Team February 06, 2009
Willing to Copulate, a classier version of DTF, for you high end folks commonly used in the Hollywood Hills or Manhatten
"Will you be WTC tonight?"
"I am so WTC tonight."
"Can I top off your wine and are you WTC this evening?"
#sex #copulation #easy #dtf #slutty #classy #sophisticated
by Brian Street Team January 21, 2009
The sound one makes when a girl sits on your face verbalized via text or IM
MM:Did you bang that girl last night?

BST:No but she sat on my face and I totally did the ppwwha move.
#sex #oral #copulation #text #instant message
by Brian Street Team April 06, 2009
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