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The word "dikfore" is used to entrap it's subject into falling for a joke. It can be used in many different contexts, but always produces a similar outcome, or punchline. The word Dikfore is usually mentioned nonchalantly in a sentence, or statement as to evoke the reaction, "Whats a dikfore?" from it's listning audience. The word Dikfore when spoken, sounds like "Dick For". So this word ultimately forces it's test subject to mutter a question such as,"What is dikfore?", sounding to it's listners as, "What is dick for?" It's up to the jokester to decide what their answer will be.
Brian: "Man, I can't believe all the dikfores around here!"
Phil: "What the hell is a dikfore?"
Brian: "Well, I guess in your case, it's for sucking, faggot."
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
An slang term that began in the late 70's. The word sike is used to negate what ever statement might have come before it. It basically means, "just kidding" or "yea, right". Usually, a pause is given between the original statement and the "sike" as to see if the original comment caused a reaction, before people realize that the person was just kidding. It is used in exactly the same way "Not!" was used, when coined by the Wayne's World movies.
George Bush is the greatest president ever... Sike!
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
To the dome can also be used when referring to snorting drugs. The powder goes up your nose, and ultimately, to your dome, or head.
George: Did you eat that oxy?
Frank: Fuck eating it, I took that shit straight to the dome keeeeid!
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
Dancing The Fig Newton or doing the Fig Newton refers to the "dance" one does when going through drug withdrawal, namely heroin, or oher opiates. The "dance" is usually done in a bed, with the covers tightly pulled over ones head, and usually includes leg kicking movements, rolling around in bed, and the constant sitting up and lying down again that comes with the uncomfortability of heroin withdrawal. The Fig Newton is traditionally danced in a pool of one's own sweat, and is usually accompanied by the traditional soundtrack of constant moaning, and occasional soft cries and/or whimpers.
I know I haven't seen you guys in a while, but I've been trying to quit this shit, and I spent the last 4 days doing the fig newton in my fucking room.
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
Used before an adjective or descriptive noun to add to it's effect.
Wow, that kid Phil is quite the homo.
by Brian Press November 29, 2007
A comical or cute way of saying yes. Sometimes meaning more along the lines of, "yes, please", or "hell yea!"
Girl:You want me to suck that?
by Brian Press November 29, 2007

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