2 definitions by Brian Kaczmarek

Bonum means good in Latin. Generally, it expresses respect for goodness of all life.
St. Francis used to greet those he met on the road with the greeting "Pax et bonum," which means **"Peace and all good".
by Brian Kaczmarek November 25, 2005
Also related to the absurd patriarchal plea for control. "You must learn lessons, this is why I'm teaching you." Infamously responsible for closing the spiritually liberating "third eye." The phrase, "learn you a lesson," seems to be an unconscious, funny way amongst friends to remind one another how much it sucks to be taught by force. It's amazing how the mind never lets us forget until we forgive.
"That'll learn you a lesson!"
by Brian Kaczmarek March 25, 2006

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