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"Rock hard, rock often" was a saying invented by Josh Pierce in early 2006. In an attempt to gain popularity to the saying Josh instructed all the students at Oneighty//gb to spread it around their schools. It worked. By March of 2006 this phrase was unstoppable, it infiltrated all of High School society in greater Green Bay, and continues to spread rapidly. We could be looking at an all out epidemic.

Spread the word.
Brian the stud: "Cya later Josh"
Josh: "Rock hard, rock often man"

Ryan: "Dude, let's go golfing"
Josh: "Rock hard, rock often"

Very excited senior: "I GOT EXCEPTED INTO MIT!"
by Brian Henderson April 24, 2006
Ones likeness to a stallion. A dominant stud or adult hourse.
Loser: Why do you wear clothes from Express? You're so gay!
Cool Guy: You're just jealous of my stallionism.
by Brian Henderson September 04, 2005
To totally and utterly screw something or someone over.
Example 1.
Frightened passenger: Watch out you almost Ramjacked that car!

Example 2.
Fan 1: What's the score?
Fan 2: 35-7, USC is totally Ramjacking them.
by Brian Henderson September 04, 2005

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