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Some serious shit.
Cool as hell.
This party just hit 88 mph.
by Brian Fellow February 01, 2003
That of which consist of pussy juice. Flavor depends om persons health and hygiene.
Her fromunderjuice taste sweet.

Oh snap! Your fromunderjuice is nasty bitch. Go get yourself clean.
by Brian Fellow February 11, 2004
Girl that was cut form Cheerleader try outs. Brings team water instead.
That water girl is crazy hot, yo.
by Brian Fellow October 02, 2003
One of the many nicknames for Indianapolis, Indiana. It references the mispronunciation of the word by everyone in the state. Rather than saying INDIANA-polis, people in Indiana say India-NAP-polis.
I'ma Broad Ripple hesitant, Naptown resident.
by Brian Fellow March 12, 2005
Later on.
"I need to get going. Dust."
by Brian Fellow February 16, 2003

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