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A Ronin Gasa is a Rice hat{Gasa} used by Exiled samurai or Traveling samuraiRonin Has slits in the Gasa so that you may see while walking, Also so that no one will see you're exiled samurai face
The lonely samurai Walked the fields with his ronin gasa to hide his face from the jappenese public

Dude i need a ronin gasa to finish my cosplay but its like 68$ bucks.
by Brian Cote March 04, 2008
Dirty Waffle tossing is the act of tossing Waffles at someone sexually and at the same time eating them. Requires both dirty waffle tossers to be nude {other Ways to enjoy dirty waffle tossing is to Be high while initiating the act of "Dirty waffle tossing" also Lesbians are allowed to dirty waffle toss but "Gay men" Are not allowed to due to the Need of breasts to squirt syrup on.
Lady 1: Hey Brian want to go Dirty Waffle tossing at your house!
Brian: Sure i would love to after i clean up all syrup on the floor from last time
lady 1: Okay well ll just wait here Cleaning my c*** of all this sticy syrup
by Brian Cote February 26, 2008

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