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IROC-Z (International Race Of Champions Z28)3rd Gen in production from 1985-1990 top of the line Camaros in the 1980's they still smoke even a lot of todays 1 of the fastest american muscle sports cars ever made either with an extremely very fast 5.7 Liter 350 CI L98 or a 5.0 Liter 305 CI LB9 commonly with T-TOPS and of course wicked acceleration. little rice cars,mustangs are just jealous that they can't even keep up with the IROC-Z!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE MIGHTY IROC-Z Zoooooooooooooooms past the pretty little rice car tearing off the rice car's doors while the little rice car's engine blows due to not being tough enough to even get close to the speeds of the IROC-Z

Look at the IROC-Z leaving that mustang in the dust poor little mustang should have known better then to try to compete with the IROC-Z
by Brian Callaway January 02, 2007
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