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That girl is so unreliable, she is as shallow as piss on concrete
by Brian Butterly August 07, 2006
Dancing with disjointed movement
At every wedding there is a guy dancing like a frog in a blender, usually the bride's father!
by Brian Butterly August 02, 2006
Not too bright and certainly not sharp!
Usefully juxtaposed to something really sharp.
The opposite of "sharp as a razor" - clearcut and incisive.
That guy is as sharp as a beach ball - he didn't even realise the girls were teasing him when they fell on the floor laughing! He was well taken in!
by Brian Butterly February 09, 2007
An able bodied driver that is in such a hurry he parks in disabled bays at the supermarket
Jerry was in a hurry to buy his beers so he pulled into the disabled space as a supermarket spastic for the night!
by Brian Butterly August 02, 2006

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