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2 definitions by Brian Boitano

The act of receiving the following all at one time; 1. Fisted by a clown 2. Ass-stung by a midget 3. Blown by the bearded lady.

There is also an Midwest variation where the above fisting from the clown is substituted for anal beads made from 3/4 inch sissal rope tied into knots.
Gomez received a carney combo as part of an all-inclusive vacation package to Cleveland, Ohio. He chose to upgrade this particular gift to the Midwest variation.
by Brian Boitano July 03, 2004
An upgraded variation of the carney combo. This upgrade includes, in addition to the standard carney combo, the following; 1. A gimp mask and gag ball is worn by the pivot man. 2. A man sporting a mullet, wearing assless leather chaps, whips the pivot man with a cat-o-nine-tails made from bailing twine.
Gomez again upgraded his all inclusive carney combo package to the ever popular SUPER carney combo, causing him much pleasure
by Brian Boitano July 04, 2004