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During oral sex when the mans penis hits the woman's hanging thing in her throat. this causes her to puke all over the male's penis.
aww man, it was sick i was getting head and she puked all over it! Total Puke Job dude!
by Brian Beigas January 30, 2009
The cock of a black man.
dude, she sucked his shadow stick last night.
by Brian Beigas April 14, 2009
A way to move characters or objects in PC or MAC games. Could be used to scroll down but since the discovery of the mouse wheel nobody does that.
Joe: hey do i use WASD?
Bob: no, you have to use retarded arrow keys.
by Brian Beigas October 12, 2008
a emoticon, or smilie that resembles a bear.
(''')(;,,;)(''') BE SCARED!
by Brian Beigas April 15, 2009

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