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Very random display of disgust or surpise. Also used to emphasize a point being made, or to just humor your friends. First uttered by a by a dick football coach from a small town in Kansas.
Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket!!! That was the shittiest block I've ever seen.
Guess what Chris? I got laid last night! "Well Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket, it's about time."
by Brian Ball April 08, 2006
Used to describe something unpleasant, or a negative state of being.
Man, I feel like microwaved shit after that party last night.

This beer tastes like microwaved shit.
by Brian Ball April 24, 2006
To move or transfer quickly from one place to another.
Why don't you all just shuffleate back to your rooms?!

I gotta shuffleate to the shitter!!!
by Brian Ball April 24, 2006

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