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104 definitions by Brian X

A somewhat overrated Bavarian beer purity law requiring beer to be made from barley, water, hops, yeast, and nothing else. Kept southern German beer at a high standard until 1987, and still honored by German brewers today even though the EU forced its repeal, but ran lots of northern German brewers (who made funky Belgian-style beers) out of business.
by Brian X July 09, 2003
10 3
Any diversionary activity that requires a fair amount of effort and absolutely no brain power; generally makes the person doing it look slightly stupid.
Building a house of index cards? That's fun for the feebleminded if I ever saw it.
by Brian X February 10, 2006
10 4
One who distims doshes.
by Brian X June 21, 2003
11 5
The things cooks who are in the weeds do to get caught up. Includes deep-fried steaks, questionably sourced ingredients, illicit bouillion cubes, and lots of other things you really don't want to know about when your order gets to the table. Practitioners of System D are known as débrouillards, which in French means "guy who gets you out of trouble".
I really don't want to see what kind of System D shit goes on back there, nor do I want to know how my steak got to the table in five minutes or why it has paper towel marks on it. Shut up and eat.
by Brian X December 16, 2007
18 13
Inexplicably popular hipsterbrau.
by Brian X September 15, 2003
105 101
The abuse of lawsuits and the legal system to harrass or intimidate a victim. A popular pastime in the United States.
Both the RIAA and the Church of Scientology have broken new ground in the field of barratry.
by Brian X August 27, 2003
6 2
What you call fuck-me shoes when your grandmother is listening.
So I'm going to the store for a pair of what I called "date night heels", and my grandmother said "You mean fuck-me pumps?" My grandmother is awesome.
by Brian X March 16, 2013
3 0