9 definitions by Brian F from Tampa

adj. (fluh-ster-bluh-ster-ee): when something gets someone all in a tizzy and heated up over some stupid trivial nonsense and they won't stop spazzing/talking
Listen, you need to stop tweaking so hard...you're getting all flusterblustery over not getting an extra barbeque sauce when you've already got 5...who gives a fuck?
by Brian F from Tampa April 27, 2007
noun or adj. (chee-toes): A girl that's so fat that she gets assorted food products and all kinds of shit stuck in her folds ex. Cheetos underneath the titty folds
Awh fuck, that fat fuck Cheetos is walking in the bar. God I hope she doesn't wreak of 2 week old french fries and mayo uncrusted chocolate bars wedged in her pancake titties.
by Brian F from Tampa April 27, 2007

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