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Noun used to describe when you and your friend(s) are on your period and thinking the exact same thing, sometimes several times in succession.

It can also be used when not on one's menstruation, but that was not what the phrase was originally meant for.
Julia: OMG, Nancy, you know what we should do?

Nancy: Steal Bob's chocolate bar?!

Julia: Yes! We're, like, totally on the same vagina wavelength.
by BriFee June 17, 2009
Short for 'fuck a cactus.' Usually used as the predicate of a sentence.

It is also commonly used against someone who is stubborn and needs a rude awakening to what is actually occurring.
Jill: My mom is such a bitch.

Jane: I know, she seriously needs to fucactus.

Jill: Ow...
by BriFee June 19, 2009

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