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Floral Park is one of the gratest towns to lve in. If you love to drink and get fucking high, Floral park is the place to be. All of the kids in Floral Park start driking at approximatly the age of 12, and drugs arent that far behind. Wether you drink in a buddy's yard, the streets, a party, the school bleachers, the sump, or the cove, you WILL find a place to get absolutly tanked. No doubt in my mind Floral Park kids would absolutly rape kids from any other town in drinking. Now being in college i finally realized what Floral Park has done for me, it taught me how to drink, nobody can or ver will outdrink me here in collge, all thanks to Floral Park. Greatest place on earth.
Kid 1- Wanna get drunk?
Kid 2-(slaps kid 1 across the face) is that a fucking question? We live in Floral Park...asshole
by BriCT November 15, 2007

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