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Lets clear things up a little. Juggalettes are the female fan of ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, etc. To be a Juggalette means you feel the band's songs, you feel them on every sentence. It means that because they are willing to die for you, you're willing to die for them.(the band, and Juggalos) Never once have I met a juggalo who wasnt a decent person, all you have to do (just like any other group of people) is treat them with respect and not judge them. we are basically friends, that are down for each other till the very end, and how many bands can say they got a family with 5 million members in it?

*We dont care what you think so long as we have each other

*Not all Juggalettes are sluts, just like how all GIRLS are not sluts. sluts are everywhere cant help what they do.

*to be a Lo/Lette means you practically breathe the music

*We dont care about the rest of the world because we have our own that everyone else is obviously jealous of.
when i said 'ima be down till i'm dead in the ground' i ment it.
by Bri. Aka Kurse February 07, 2005

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