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An occurrence, primarily on twitter, where an individual is followed by a fake or untraceable identity. Most of these fake followers do not have a bio, have no listed tweets, and do not have a profile picture larger than a thumbnail size photograph.
I got fake followed today by Hyacinth Tortorella.

Dude, half of my followers are fake.

If you just got followed by somebody with a European sounding name and you don't know them, you probably just got fake followed, my friend.
by Brexle October 28, 2010
An individual, usually an adult, who scorns upon the youth who curse in public.
boy 1: "Fuck this shit, hoe!"
teacher: "Hey! Think you're cool and all using language like that?"
boy 2: "You have the swear police after you, nigga!"
by Brexle February 06, 2010
An individual who spends nearly all of his or her time on Facebook playing games.
Steve was up all night playing farmville on Facebook. I didn't realize how much of a Facebook gamer he was.
by Brexle February 24, 2010

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