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An expression which shows dissatisfaction with a complaining friend.

n. One who constantly demands a free pizza which is supposedly owed to him.
Mango: "Can we watch something else, I hate Scrubs."
Group: "Maaaannngooooo!"

Mango: "You guys owe me a pizza, I bought the last few"
by Brewheister February 12, 2010
n. One who consumes an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time causing them to puke while out on a smoke break.

n. A mess of a person who excessively pukes and pisses on his friends and roommates property.

v. To throw up on the lawn after a night of drinking.
"Who that dude totally yardsaled all over!"

"Holy Shit! Yardsale pissed all over himself, pulled me off my bed and then pissed on my mattress!"
by Brewheister February 12, 2010
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