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11 definitions by BrettS

Doesnt have to be the ugliest person in the club but it describes the woman (or man) who you ask home at 1.50am, hence "10 -2- 2 (ten minutes to 2 am), when all else has failed on the romance front.

Usually not the sort of person you would go for, but sometimes you strike lucky.

Often the remark "Get your jacket, you've pulled" is made at some point.
"Right lads, this is getting bad. That bird I have been chatting up all night has vanished and I need a jump. I'm off to find a 10-2-2"

"Dont go near the Hypocrocogryph, you'll need a plank across your arse!"
by BrettS October 12, 2005
47 30
To develop an illness or sustain an inury, possibly self inflicted, which will preclude you from work, but you can still enjoy a rich and varied social life.
Orginates from the 1914-18 War, when reluctant English soldiers would shoot themselves in the foot, to get returned to Blighty, or Great Britan, and invalided out of the Army.
Hangovers can count if passed of as food poisoning
-I intend to get so drunk tonight I will phone in sick tomorrow
-Oh really, are you about to Take a Blighty?
by BrettS September 04, 2006
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gunk is a contrived word made by dick wad US teenagers who have never seen or heard goth music in their entire "sad misunderstood" lives.
Goth IS short for Gothic Punk, always was, way back in the late 70's early 80's, here in the land of all your better musical tastes, the UK.

Go listen to Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy or Siouxsie & the Banshees or even The Damned. GOTHS!

"Oo! I am Gunk" that you may be, but you aint a goth!
by BrettS December 17, 2005
46 52
The sort of thing neds say to one another make themselves sound hard
See youse, ure oll gonna get cunted!

Aw man, I wiz cunted at the weekend
by BrettS June 11, 2005
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