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1. A person that is shunned out of the "cool" crowd.

2. A punk rock band from the 80's-now. Started out with Glenn Danzig on vocals. Then along came Michael Graves. Jerry Only has always been the bass player and still is. Some songs by the Misfits include: Bullet, We are 138, Where Eagles Dare, and TV Casualties.
That girl in the corner is a misfit.

The Misfits are one of the best bands ever!
by Brett Snyder June 01, 2005
1. A faggot that likes Horrorcore music. Such as: ICP, Twiztid, Esham, Natas, Project Dead Man,Dark Lotus and Zug Island.
That fat piece of shit is a juggalo.
by Brett Snyder June 01, 2005
1. A word jewish people use to insult people.
2. A word to describe that your dick is where your heart is and vise versa.
Dave called us all dickhearts.
by Brett Snyder September 17, 2005
1. A misfits fan that is a real misfit fan and not a poser.
2. Fiend club: started by Glenn danzig in 1987 in dicontinued after he left the band. In Later days the misfits wrote a song after the club.
We are the fiend club, not you!
by Brett Snyder September 17, 2005
A shitty little town where 15 thousand old people live and dwell. There is nothing to do and it smells like chicken shit.
Zephyrhills smells like chicken shit.
by Brett Snyder September 14, 2006
A bunch of mexicans that are the fans of a local tampa metal band: Sobriety. They ride in a big dumb bus for no reason.
That guy in the goon squad is fat.
by Brett Snyder September 17, 2005
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