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To pay a prostitute a large amount of money to have sex with and then cumming way before your time is up causing the session with the prostitute to be over, pretty much a waste of money.

If you pay $300 for one hour with a prostitute and you cum 15 minutes into the session it was like paying $20 a minute or $75 for 15 minutes wasting $225

The way that pro licked my nuts in the bathroom down in AC last weekend caused me to Coach Sleezy.
A married, government official, who gets caught administering substantial amounts of money to have sex with a prostitute(s) over the course of many months/years well aware how wrong it is and the consequences.
I hope one day when I become governor of New York I do not become a spitzer, and if I do, I hope I do not have a coach sleezy happen to me.

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